Common-Sense:- Express: Send the army to Ireland before Brexit Time Bomb erupts, warn UKIP:

Bloggers4UKIP: Seven police forces investigating Conservative election fraud: 

Home-Affairs:- Mail:- Britain to give £250 million to Nigerian President: 

Telegraph: Migration pressure on schools revealed: 

Express: Britain’s schools are in crisis as places are ‘swamped’ by EU children:

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Think extremism’s a crime? You’ll change your mind when they come for you:

Evening Standard: Exposed Sadiq Khan’s family links to extremist organisation:

World-Affairs:- Gateway-Pundit: In major blow to #Never Trumpers Rand Paul and Rick Perry endorse Donald Trump for President:

EUreka:- Express: Brussels plot to impose Euro law after EU referendum a ‘threat to our freedom’:

Telegraph: Farmers fall victim to the maddest EU subsidy shambles of them all:

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