Common Sense:- Mail: UKIP on brink of going bust:

Guardian: Nigel Farage accuses Corbyn of wanting to scrap immigration limits:

Manchester Evening News: Nigel Farage: Energy shortage could plunge Manchester into darkness: 

Your Thurrock: UKIP Councillor victim of attack in East Tilbury:

Oldham West:- Mail: UKIP will ‘bite very, very hard’ into Labour support, Farage vows ahead of crunch by-election in Oldham:

Home Affairs:- Express: If ISIS were responsible for Russian plane attack then Britain must bomb them says Fallon: 

Mail: Pilot dodges Rocket ‘attack’ on UK tour jet carrying 189 above Sharm-El-Sheikh: 

Express: British extremists linked to jet bomb: London and Birmingham voices heard cheering the disaster: 

Sun: YouGov poll shows Jeremy Corbyn gets more unpopular by the day:

Telegraph: New blow for HS2 as ‘lost’ battlefield is found on route: 

Mail: A third of home carers who just couldn’t care less: 

Scunthorpe Telegraph: TATA Steel : While we’re under the EU’s thumb we’re doomed’:

Mail: Catholic schools to ban Islam from religious GCSE studies:

World Affairs:- Red Flag News: Obama accused of sexual harassment while at Harvard law review: (multiple accusers)

EUreka:- Breitbart: Orban’s ratings rise as Hungarian fence deters migrant ‘invasion’: 

Telegraph: “Is the western policy elites’ obsession with global warming itself a threat to civilised life on the planet?”

Mediaocre:- Mail: Max Hastings: Suddenly, the world has become a frightening place for tourists. But I fear this is just the start: 

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Warmists armed with windmills are the real threat to Britain: 

Mail: Britain’s biggest family have 18th child and still don’t claim a penny in benefits:

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