UKIP:-  Nigel Farage speaking at a public meeting in Rochester & Strood4-11-14

Mail: Nigel Farage on the PM ‘nasty’ Germans…and our next King:

Breitbart: Farage anger that Welsh nationalist party will lay cenotaph wreath but UKIP cannot:

UKIP- Daily: Gerard Batten MEP Massive transfer of powers to the European Union:

Southport Visiter: Southport’s floral hall turns purple for UKIP North West Conference

Common Sense:- HITC: Nigel Farage …please keep your mouth shut: 

Breitbart: UKIP on the up and up latest poll has them on 24%:

The Spectator: UKIP is a party for people who hate London.  That’s why Labour should be scared:

GE2015:- CitiBlog: Labour? Conservative? UKIP? Greens? Lib-Dems? who would you vote for?

Guardian: Miliband to sharpen Europe strategy as Cameron hardens line on immigration:

thecommentator: Ed Miliband‘s last supper:

EUreka:- Telegraph: Brussels red tape is damaging the economy:..Theresa May:

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Millions of veterans who never saw action shoukd get a medal, MP’s to hear: (UKIP policies are popular).

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