Common Sense:- Independent: Nigel Farage says he does not support Britain launching air strikes on Syria: ‘on the current terms’.

Breitbart: Farage slams claim Brexit would cost 100,000 finance jobs:

Oldham West & Royton: Telegraph: Nigel Farage urges ‘Tory’ voters to lend him their vote to defeat Labour in Oldham by-election: 

Independent:- Fears over migration and terrorism unsettle once-loyal Labour voters:

The Spectator: John McDonnell: UKIP is ‘an evil force within our society’.

Home Affairs:- Express: Outrage over EU plot to kick UK out of UN security council:

Mail: Drama as 300 rounds of ammunition found on popular English seaside beach:

Belfast Telegraph: UK could be prosecuted for war crimes over missiles sold to Saudi Arabia that were used to kill civilians in Yemen: 

Sheffield Star: Cultural enrichment arrives in Sheffield: Judge warns of ‘rival gangs marauding with guns and knives’.

World Affairs:- The Total Collapse: Putin declares ISIS on brink of total defeat”, warns NATO war has been total lie”.

Express: The frightening response to ISIS – ‘Christian state’ threatens to kill Muslims:

The Economist: Russia like a coiled spring, is poised ready to pounce on a ‘dysfunctional’ Moldova: 

Migrant Crisis:- Breitbart: Fury as developer moves to build 1,000 man migrant camp in peaceful 100-inhabitant English village:  

EUreka:- New Statesman: At the gates of power: How Marine Le-Pen is unerving the French establishment:

Mediaocre:- Mail: Peter Hitchens: This isn’t a just war – it’s ‘recreational bombing’.

Mirror: Carole Malone: No more Ifs and buts on migrants, let’s lose the silly promises:

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