Common Sense:- Sky News: Murnaghan: Will Nigel Farage work with Boris Johnson? Find out here

Home Affairs:- Sputnik-News: UK military attaché to clarify alleged permission to down Russian planes:

Mail: Gove’s astonishing bid to cut crime by letting violent offenders avoid jail even if they keep committing crimes:

Express: Police officers are told not to wear UK flag badge in memory of colleagues killed:

EURef:- Telegraph: Cameron’s ‘four key demands’ to remain in the EU revealed:

Mail: 3 ex Prime Ministers, and a loose woman join the campaign to keep Britain In:

Mail: Peter Oborne: The main obstacle to quitting the EU? Civil war in the no campaign:

EUreka:- Live-Leak: Germany and European Commission consider new ‘solidarity tax’ to pay for influx of refugees:

Zero-Hedge: “The biggest protest this country has seen in years”-Quarter million Germans protest Obama “Free-Trade” deal: 

Gatestone Institute: Germany: Migrant crime wave, police capitulate:

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