Immigration Nightmare:- BBC: Germany set to introduce border controls: 

You Tube: German government evicts poor Germans from their homes for illegals:

SAMMA TV: Thousands flock to anti-immigrant demos in Eastern Europe: 

Breitbart: Kurds and Turks battle on the streets of Switzerland: 

Home Affairs:- Mail: It’s a f***ing disaster; senior Labour frontbenchers take their leave:

Telegraph: What do the lessons of history predict for Jeremy Corbyn?

Express: North to bear brunt of Cameron’s 20,000 Syrian refugees, South East barely affected:

Telegraph: Nothing has changed in 25 years to ease my concerns about Islam:

World Affairs:- 21st Century Wire: Russian boots on ground in Syria seeking to destroy western created ISIS :

Jews-News: Major red alert: Syrian refugee crisis is not as it seems: 

EUreka:- Telegraph: Merkel ‘expects Cameron to back EU army’ in exchange for renegotiation:

EU press release: European commission statement following temporary introduction of border controls by Germany:

Breitbart: Le Pen on course for President as migrant opposition grows in France:

Express: Cameron urged to back EU army as a ‘favour’ to Germany to win Brussels treaty change:

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