UKIP:- Daily Star: Only way to control borders is Brexit, says Nigel Farage

Cameron’s emergency Break is Emergency Fake

Brexit:- Breitbart: Hoey: I left vote Leave because of liars Matthew Elliott and Dominic Cummings

Express: EU deal in chaos: Donald Tusk launches panic tour of Europe to salvage Cameron stitch-up

Mail: The evidence that proves Lady Thatcher was a ‘Leaver’

Home-Affairs:- Morning Advertiser: A fifth of pubs have been lost in a decade of closures

Coventry Observer: Coventry Councillor says West Midlands Combined Authority is big smokescreen

EURef:- Telegraph: British Muslims should vote to leave the EU

Evening Standard: Tate & Lyle boss: We may push for Brexit unless David Cameron gets sweeter EU deal

Huff-Post: Trade unions should wake up and realise the EU is no friend of workers

Mediaocre:- Douglas Murray: ‘Chancellor Merkel has given Europe a problem for which there is no solution

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