David Murrin: Remembrance – Lest we forget

UKIP:- UKIP MEP Diane James questions ECB chief Draghi over scrutiny, and he cops out – again

Common Sense:- Politico: UKIP’s back in the spotlight

Nigel Farage Interview: Gloucester 09-11-2015

WiltsGlos Standard: 1300 people pack out Gloucester venue to hear Nigel Farage call on them to ‘Believe in Britain’

Migrant Crisis:- Breitbart: Migrant numbers rise again, some pretending to be children, Belgian immigration office struggling

Mail: Sprawling shanty town dubbed the ‘Manchester jungle’ has sprung up in the grounds of prestigious university

Express: ‘No borders’ activists from Britain are provoking migrant riots in Calais:…French say

The New Observer: “Worst ever” attack by invaders in Calais

Home Affairs:- Telegraph: Dutch PM becomes Britain’s voice in Valletta, is this the greatest surrender of our sovereignty ever?

Independent: David Cameron accused of breaking the ministerial code in his row over cuts to local services

Telegraph: Gibraltar dispute is a ‘serious concern’-David Cameron

Sun-Nation: Corbyn’s spin doctor slurs British troops

Mail: Employment among EU migrants rising forty times faster than for Brits with three in four new workers from overseas

Breitbart: More than 200,000 Romanians & Bulgarians working in the UK for the first time

World Affairs:- Breitbart: Sweden suspends free movement, set to turn migrants away in major policy U-turn

Gonzalo-Raffo: InfoNews: I’ll eat my hat If we’re anywhere near a global recession

Washington Post: France won’t dine with Iran unless wine is served

EURef:-  BBC: Cameron’s renegotiations a mere sideshow

Telegraph: Britain’s small businesses  unfazed by threat of Brexit

BBC: Mogg, Jenkins, Nuttall and Cash tackle Europe Minister

EUreka:- Breitbart: How the EU funded Al-Qaeda: Terrorists make millions from carbon scheme while British workers are left unemployed

Telegraph:- James Dyson loses EU battle over vacuum cleaners

Express: Europe in crisis? Portugal rejects austerity measures and ousts government

IMFA: EU labeling guidelines target the only democracy in the Middle East

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