Telegraph: Interactive Poll: place your vote here

UKIP:- Douglas Carswell examines Britain’s broken business model

Common Sense:- Independent: Bookies paying out on a UKIP Rochester victory: (The job is not done yet, get down there)

The Spectator: UKIP’s puppet David Cameron cuts a pathetic figure

Express: ‘I’ll support anyone who helps my country’ Farage refuses to rule out deal with Ed

Telegraph: Are you too ashamed to say you support UKIP? Or are you just all talk?

GE2015:- Foreign aid increased by 28% last year to £12 billion, Foreign secretary refuses to enshrine in law

The Spectator: It’s not just Ed Miliband. Labour’s on the wrong side of history

Mediaocre:- Mail: The BBC’s flagship newsnight show is now a national embarrassment

Telegraph: Putin stockpiles gold as Russia prepares for economic war

Conhome: Andrew Lillico The 32% strategy

The Economist: Why land value taxes are so popular, yet so rare

Breitbart: Police release British terror suspect on bail, he flees to Syria the next day

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