Lord Ashcroft Poll:- Dudley North is the one to watch: Lab 34% UKIP 34% Con 27%

UKIP:- EU stoking flame of conflict yet again: suggests David Coburn MEP:

Common Sense:- The Spectator: Nigel Farage bigger than Jesus: (naturally the headline fails to tell the whole story)

GE2015:- Express: A vote for Labour or UKIP will bring ‘chaos’ to Britain, warns David Cameron: (The real story here are the comments)

Mail: 80,000 UK students are told they can’t train to be a nurse: ( Is it any wonder when 4/5 new NHS employees this year were immigrants)

Telegraph: Mr Cameron’s bogus EU renegotiation plans scuppered  by Mr Hollande:

The Spectator: Labour tries to deal with dysfunctional campaign machine after UKIP leak:

Money Week: Goodwill to all men: Why we should be astonished by the UK welfare state:

New Statesman: In 2014 both Labour and Conservatives learned-for the first time-that they could both lose:

EUreka:- Yahoo: EU ruling extends ‘the right of free movement’ to millions of people from anywhere in the world:

BBC: Obesity could be a disability rules EU court:

Guardian: Greece election: EU finance chief flies into Athens as Grexit fears mount:

Gatestone Institute: Europe declares war on the internet:

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: 15,000 march against ‘demise of the west’ and radical Islam as weekly protest grows:

Standpoint: The great betrayal: How Liberals appease Islam:

RT: Russians can now carry guns for ‘self defence’:

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