UKIP:- Telegraph:- Paul Nuttall MEP: It’s pretty obvious why Labour voters are turning to UKIP:

EURef:- Express: Cameron told he has ‘NO Chance’ of British opt-out from EU’s drive for ‘ever closer union’

EUreka:- ITV News: Martin Schultz: ‘Britain belongs to the EU’

The Economic Times: Germany, France propose deeper euro zone intergration at next Eurozone summit:

Express: Greek debt crisis: Desperate Prime Minister says ‘Wife will leave me if I surrender to the EU’

RINF: Starvation is the price Greeks will pay for remaining in the EU:

Telegraph: Greeks admit they will default at the end of the month as central bank turns on government:

Mediaocre:- Mail: WW2 hero spitfire pilot 90 kicked to death on NHS ward by fellow patient:

Telegraph: Cameron’s extremism orders ‘could criminalise traditional christian teaching’:

Evening Standard: The met ‘spent £1 million’ policing rallies led by Islamist hate preacher Anjem Choudary:

New Statesman: British Jihadi’s who join ISIS aren’t victims – suicide bombers know what they’re doing: 

ITV News: Pregnant woman loses baby as thugs stamp on stomach in case ‘akin to murder’

Mail: Shocking moment Tesco shoppers wrestled on the floor for cut price food:

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