Lord Ashcroft polls:A poll commissioned by the Conservatives on Conservative marginals, has the Conservatives to win. Just!

Mark Reckless MP tweeted Before Lord Ashcroft adjustments UKIP lead Con 39%-34% in Boston&Skegness 39%-36% in Castle Point and Basildon S & Thurrock E tied

UKIP:- Steven Woolfe MEP: We must look at what a £22m bung from the EU has done at the BBC

Common Sense:- Metro: Despite attempts by the Standard & Mail to link this Chelsea “supporter” to UKIP at least one London tabloid attempted to put the true story over

Nigel Farage MEP tweeted: Unlike other party leaders I go out & often take pics with the British public. Obv not everyone is perfect. I don’t vet people outside pubs.

New Statesman: Why “more Tory than the Tories” attacks on UKIP aren’t working

GE2015:- Guido Fawkes: “Inappropriate” Tax experts Labour’s biggest non-union donors

EUreka:- IBT: Germany rejects Greek loan request, plunging Europe into uncertainty

Associated Press: EU to send armoured cars to Ukraine

Mediaocre:- Independent: Why is the BBC just so bad at TV news

OffGridQuest.com: Tesla motors announces a new home battery; living off the grid will soon be status quo

The Atlantic: What Isis really wants: (Settle down with a mug of tea & packet of biscuits, this is a lengthy one.)

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