UKIP:- Leave EU campaign must reach beyond Westminster to win referendum

Common Sense:- UKIP’s Nigel Farage blasts Cameron for stopping Christian refugees from reaching Britain

Home Affairs:- Mail: immigration is now a major fear for over half of the population

Labour Conference: Breitbart: Britain should fight Its enemies with wind turbines

Mail: Police find forty Romanian immigrants living in a three bedroom house in Dudley

World Affairs:- Conservative-Post: Prime Minister David Cameron publicly humiliates Obama for the world to see

Global Research: Syrian government forces start crushing ISIS, Military and intelligence assistance from Russia

Disclose TV: Saudis issue ultimatum to Syria & Russia: Assad must go or face war

EURef:- Telegraph: Brexit looks more likely after dramatic narrowing in EU referendum poll

Express: Leave.EU logo flags up benefits of UK exit

Telegraph: Lord Lawson to lead Conservative campaign to leave EU

EUreka:- Breitbart: Yes, There is EU propaganda in schools, and It’s worse than you think!

Mediaocre:- BABW News: This Icelandic volcano is three times as toxic as all of Europe’s industry

The Spectator: Free speech can’t just apply to those you agree with

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