UKIP:- Mail:  Nigel Farage: Get tough and defend our borders and cities,

Common Sense:- Nigel Farage is ‘right too often’ about European Union failings: 

Express:  Nigel Farage ‘is right’ about EU’s failing migration policy, admits top Brussels diplomat:

EUreka:- GBO: Mr Juncker wants our pity as well as our money:

FP: Athens is being blackmailed:

Sputnik: Will China aid Greece directly?

Guardian: ‘Poles don’t want immigrants. They don’t understand them, don’t like them’

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: Clinton emails: Hillary branded Tories ‘wacky’ on Europe, wanted to help Blair become EU President:

Mail: Removal firm hit with £18,000 bill for having 13 illegal immigrants in the back of lorry: 

Breitbart: Rotherham Taxi Drivers strike over new rules requiring CCTV and police background checks:

BBC: Sickness benefit shake-up considered:

Bloomberg: RIP Land Rover’s Defender, the greatest car ever:

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