Common Sense:- Breitbart: Students are debating: Corbyn or Farage?

Home Affairs:- Breitbart: Westminster paedophile scandal, Labour MP: ‘I see people in Parliament that should be in prison’

City AM:- UK house prices: The number of new houses being built has actually fallen

The Spectator:- Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party: one of them must go

Breitbart:- ‘I saw 60 white people. It was absolutely frightening’ – more racist nonsense from the Guardian

Morning Advertiser:- ‘No evidence’ for e-cigarette ban in Welsh pubs and bars

EUreka:- BBC News:- Greek PM Tsipras resigns and calls September election

Yahoo:- Feeling strain, Germany set to raise asylum-seeker forecast to 750,000

The Washington Post:- Slovakia will take 200 Syrian refugees, but they have to be Christian

Mediaocre:- Manchester Evening News: Giant spiders as big as mice set to invade Greater Manchester homes in coming weeks

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