UKIP:- Mail: Nigel Farage slaps down UKIP candidate in storm over repatriation

Rochester:- Guido Fawkes: Islington Labour MP’s Rochester culture shock

Common Sense:- Washington Post: Britain’s UKIP expected to win crucial vote before General Election

Guardian: A UKIP victory in Rochester & Strood could see 2 further Tory to UKIP defections says Mark Reckless

Mail: Who are the  two MP’s that are talking to UKIP

EDP: Leading Conservative cabinet member on North Norfolk DC defects to UKIP

Independent: Insulting ‘decent’ UKIP voters will backfire – Lord Ashcroft warns Tories

GE2015:- Guardian: Cabinet secretary has David Cameron ‘by the balls’, says former Tory adviser

Welfare Weekly: 71 coalition MP’s stood to profit from NHS privatisation says Unite

Breitbart: Sorry Dave, but Putin didn’t start the Ukraine war; The EU did

City AM: Only direct democracy can save Britain’s businesses from  the rising populist tide

RT: Half of UK councils face financial collapse…report

Mirror: World’s biggest arms firm target £1 billion NHS contract

EUreka:- Express:  Outrage as EU demands more cash

Boston Standard: Food firm Staples given green light for more EU student labour with caravan plans

Mediaocre:- Express: Leo McKinstry: Why is Qatar being allowed to take over Britain?

Guido Fawkes: The world will end if you vote UKIP

Express & Star: UKIP protest over combined authority plan for Birmingham & the Black Country

IBT: ISIS preachers should be treated the same as child groomers, says MP Doughty


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