UKIP:- Daily Star: Paul Nuttall MEP’s column: Once, It was ‘Rag Week’, now students are a joke

Express: ‘Burqa not conducive to western liberal society’: we should follow ban says UKIP

Mike Hookem MEP: Yvette Cooper’s calls are calculated and do not go far enough to protect British security

Bill Etheridge MEP: Ukraine: Out of the frying pan into the fire?

Tim Aker MEP be careful what he says about President Juncker

Migrant Crisis:-  Independent: Refugee Crisis: EU ‘first country’ rule change puts pressure on UK to take in more asylum seekers

Express: German swimming pool bans all migrants after girls ‘sexually assaulted by Syrian boys’

Home-Affairs:- Breitbart: Questions raised over £14,000+ Tory election expenses in Farage showdown constituency

EURef:- Express: The EU really is for the rich: Brexit boost as working families want to leave Europe

Express: Boss at tyre giant Bridgestone says Britain leaving EU ‘viable’ and vows to keep firm here

EUreka:- Reuters: Germany’s Schaeuble dosen’t want tighter borders slowing EU integration

RT: Diphtheria, tuberculosis, malaria detected among refugees in Denmark, govt fear outbreak

Apologies, we missed yesterday’s Courant, so here it is:


Poll:- Take part in the ITV poll on European Union: Should we stay in the EU?

UKIP:- Strasbourg: Nigel Farage MEP warns of a contagion spreading across Europe

First vacuum cleaners, now the EU targets oven gloves! The sooner Britain stops funding this rubbish, the better we will all be: says Jill Seymour MEP

Express: NHS catches Corbynitis: Public sector strike is against the interests of the public: says Neil Hamilton

Common Sense:- Breitbart: Watch: Farage unloads on the EU elite over Cologne silence

Pink-News: UKIP MEP urges party to cut ties with homophobic Christian wing

Migrant-Crisis:- C4: The Jihadis next door

Guardian: Channel 4 was absolutely right to make this film

Mail: Blackmail! Fury: EU tells Britain: Agree to quota for migrants or you will be barred from deporting thousands

Home-Affairs:- Express: Refugees coming from ‘ISIS camps’ sidestep UK asylum checks ‘get them in more quickly’

World-Affairs:- Breitbart: Inspector General: Hillary Clinton’s private server contained ‘special access programmes’ Intel

PJB: Why is North Korea our problem?

EURef:- Telegraph: Civil servants are mentally working on Brexit plans to avoid FOI, says Gus O’Donell

The Sun: ‘What is Jeremy Corbyn afraid of?‘ Labour’s biggest donor calls on leader to give shadow ministers a free vote on Brexit

Telegraph: Only two politicians can change the EU referendum result leading the Brexit campaign

Politico: How the UK’s housing crisis builds a case for Brexit

Express: Has the collapse of the EU started? Schengen disaster will mean end for Euro, says chief

thecommentator: How Britain will prosper outside the EU

EUreka:- Express: EU on the brink: France declares state of economic emergency’ as Germany faces financial ruin

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