Get your ‘Don’t blame me! I voted UKIP tee-shirt

UKIP:-  Net migration continues to rise under the Tories

Jonathan Arnott MEP: Splashing taxpayers money around like cologne

Bill Etheridge MEP: Democracy and the Hungarian death-penalty issue

Bill Etheridge: EU Eastern expansion seems to have no bounds

Common Sense:- Spectator: Nigel Farage’s diary: The fallout from the elections

i100: Nigel Farage returns to European parliament, is openly mocked by MEPs

Guardian: Steven Woolfe MEP responds to the Tories big announcement on migration control

Mail: UKIP sacks half its staff after party’s only MP refuses to take public money

EUreka:- IBT: Airbus accused of ‘bullying voters’ as European aerospace giant warns of Brexit

Mediaocre:- BBC: Vince Cable I was a victim of Tory peddled fear
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