Apologies to our readers for late publication.

Liverpool Echo: Question Time Tonight: What to expect as Esther Mcvey takes on UKIP’s Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall

UKIP:- Plain packs legislation ineffectual and wrong

Young Independence Chairman to take on Nick Clegg 

Common Sense:- Breitbart: Petition calling for the release of the Chilcott report hits 10,000 signatures in 24 hours

Express: Message is loud & clear 80% want to leave the EU

The European: Why the UK must leave the EU with Nigel Farage

Isle of Thanet Gazette: Nigel Farage wins hustings event  in Broadstairs

Guardian: UKIP culture spokesman urges schools to fly union flag to promote Britishness

Bloggers 4 UKIP: UKIP MP’s cast deciding votes on bill to outlaw wind turbine subsidies

Huff-Post: UKIP student support doubles as Lib-Dems drops dramatically

Sky News: UKIP faces prejudice at universities

GE  2015:- New Statesman:  BBC & ITV invite Uncle Tom Cobbly & all to the TV debates

Express: UK sends warship to Falklands as Argentina lease supersonic bombers from Russia

Sky News: UK December borrowing rises on the back of 2.9bn EU bill

Mail:- Austin Mitchell: The commons today is a third rate club of spoon-fed sychophants

Politics.com: Why Labour’s anti-Green strategy isn’t working

Breitbart: Civil war brewing for the cultural left

The Spectator: Welcome to the completely bonkers world of the Green party manifesto

EUreka:- Telegraph: Central bank prophet fears QE warfare pushing world financial system out of control

EU to ban heirloom seeds and crininalise ownership of those not registred with government

Mediaocre:- Mail: Conservative peer & former home secretary Lord Brittain dies aged 75

Mail: UKIP is a party led by ‘neanderthal sexists’ blasts the arch feminist Harman

Mail: More than 2.5 million Muslims threaten to leave Facebook after four Islamic pages are taken down

Daily Caller: AP fact check tears apart Obama’s state of the union claims

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