UKIP:- BBC NewsNigel Farage wants British jobs for black & white British workers: 

Jim Carver MEP: Defence: One of the few remaining bastions of sovereignty, but for how much longer? 

Ray Finch MEP: You’ve been had by this giant corporatist scam:

Margot Parker MEP: Those most impacted by mass unskilled immigration are our own settled minority groups:

Common Sense:- Telegraph: Nigel Farage: My views on race ‘misinterpreted’ 

BBC Nigel Farage: “We as a party, are colour-blind” 

Breitbart: The media ‘wilfully  misinterpreted’ Farage’s comments on discrimination:

Breitbart: The real reason why the media hate Nigel Farage:

Sky News: Stop race discrimination laws … Farage: (note to media:- British and white = 2 different things)

Nottingham Post: Alleged former child abuse victim will stand against council leader:

GE15:- RT: More propaganda from the UK ministry of war: 

ITV News: Suffolk school holds special debate and mock election:

EUreka:- Con-Home: The EU spends thousands funding a left wing pro-EU conference in London: 

Mediaocre:- The Spectator: It’s NATO that’s empire-building, not Putin: 

Wall Street Journal: Saudi Nuclear deal with South Korea raises stakes for Iran talks:

Breitbart: Peter and Jayne return But in politically correct form:

Mail: Littlejohn: Too white. too male. and too damned British. No wonder the Beeb wants shot of Clarkson:

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