UKIP:- Telegraph: Labour’s collapse is great for UKIP: says Douglas Carswell

Guardian: ‘Cameron is the repository of every failed orthodoxy of the age‘  Owen Jones meets Douglas Carswell

Common Sense:-  LBC:- Watch as Nige from Kent poses a question to the Labour leadership candidates

Telegraph: Nigel Farage gatecrasheses  live Labour leaders’ radio hustings as ‘Nigel from Kent’

Money-Week: Douglas Carswell: Only the free market has the answers

Home Affairs:- Independent: Population of UK cities ‘almost triples’  over ten-year period

Express: Revealed: Your family’s £64,000 share of Britain’s national debt

Mail: Britain is the eighth most indebted country in the EU

Express: Migrants ‘milking’ benefits system: Foreigners more likely to claim handouts

Breitbart: Paedo files: Tory Leon Brittain named in new Westminster child sex docs

Express: Migrant baby boom will see demand for secondary school places rise by a fifth

Breitbart: Radical Islam is a cancer that needs to be cut out

EUreka:- thecommentator: Declining EU is overrated as a trading power

Independent: Greece debt crisis: The euro is a disaster even for the countries that do everything right

RT: European commission unlocks first tranche of 1.8 billion package to Kiev

EUReferendum: A treaty hiding in plain sight

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: Reparations for colonialism in India? How about railways, roads, irrigation, and the space programme we still pay for?

Zero-Hedge: Has the land war begun: Turkish tanks are firing into Syria

Breitbart: Obama lied: There are no ballistic missile restrictions in Iran deal

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