Notice:- BBC Question Time Panel in Cambridge  tonight 10.35pm BBC1: Yanis Varoufakis…Ken Clarke MP..Con…Chris Bryant MP..Lab… Suzanne Evans UKIP Deputy Chairman…Julia Hartley-Brewer

Common Sense:- Sun-Nation: UKIP plotting to force Labour out of Wales

Migrant Mess:- Express: Germany warns Cameron EU reform pleas will be ignored unless Britain takes more refugees

Home Affairs:-Telegraph: EU chief: Close the doors and windows as millions more migrants are coming

The Economic Voice: Targeted drone strikes challenged by Greens

World Affairs:- Right-is: Captured ISIS leader admits we are being funded by the Obama administration

Clarion-Project: Germany arrests ISIS recruiter posing as asylum seeker

Birmingham Mail: MP’s respond to petition garnering close to two hundred thousand signatures,  stating “The UK government should halt Immigration now.” A 3 hour debate will now take place

EUReka:- Express: We’re doomed: EU chief fears union will collapse over migrant crisis

New York Times: Why a Brexit looms large

Mediaocre:- Express: Leo McKinstry: Mass immigration will destroy the European Union

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