Watch Suzanne Evans Deputy Chairman UKIP: on tonight’s ‘Question Time’ BBC1 10.35pm

Common Sense:- The Spectator: The transatlantic flirtation behind UKIP’s sudden meltdown:

EURef:- Telegraph: Queen wades into Europe debate as she says division is ‘dangerous‘ (read the article not the headline)

Telegraph: Only one in every 100 reports of illegal immigration results in deportation: ( What I want to know is,who’s employing them, who’s housing them, and where are they?

EUreka:- Express: The EU’s top ten barmy decisions that cost the UK a fortune yet are completely pointless:

ITV News: Poll: Should Britain stay in the EU or leave?

The Spectator: Grexit isn’t like Brexit (and that’s why it won’t be allowed to happen)

Express: Greece blasts EU for blackmailing country into annihilation and ‘serving own interests’

Mediaocre:- BBC: UK population increases by 500,000 official figures show:

Guardian: Network rail funding gap puts brake on infrastructure upgrade:

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