UKIP:- Searing UKIP attack Ad on Tories

Bill Etheridge MEP: Only the weeds of debt & despair will grow in Juncker’s garden

Carbon emission controls: Shipping our steel industry to the Far-East

The Journal: North East UKIP MEP says selective education could help bridge attainment gap between state and private schools

Common Sense:- Casual off the cuff interview with UKIP campaigners in Rochester

Times: UKIP policy of Grammar schools a hit with the public

Birmingham Post: UKIP will only go so far before It’s turned back

West Briton: poll shows UKIP leading the way in west country seat

Mail: Lord Tebitt slams the government for helping mums ‘leave children at home

GE2015:- WMN: Desperate Conservatives propose giving vote to 16 year olds to stop UKIP

IBT: Time to strip Britain’s OAP’s of the right to vote

Sky News: Net migration to the UK soars by 40%

Evening Standard: Cameron battered by triple blow on immigration

Guardian: Government aware from day one immigration target was unatainable

The Spectator: Never mind the general election: the Tories are already fighting the Europe referendum

Telegraph: Government use Met establishment figure to endorse ‘PM’s clampdown on  benefits as evidence of taxpayers money funding jihadists in Syria comes to light

Times: Fears of a federal UK as Scotland gets new powers

WMN: Desperate to shore up their dwindling blue collar support, Labour plan to ship thousands of public sector jobs from London to the regions

EUreka:- Van Rompuy: We will survive without Britain

Mediaocre:- Farmers Weekly: Farmers blockade Iceland distribution depot in milk price row

Mail: The pill that will let you live to 120

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