‘Ask ​’ at 22:50 on BBC1 tonight – tune in if you can!


UKIP:- BBC: Suzanne Evans pulls up anti UKIP BBC bias


Common Sense:- LBC: Farage fumes at ‘Have I got news for you’ jokes



Breitbart: The BBC and UKIP go to war in South Thanet



The Commentator: UKIP’s Christian soldiers


Sun Nation: UKIP candidate ‘we’ll bag 180 seats and maybe more’ 



Fair Observer: If you agree with UKIP’s policies, are you racist


GE15:- Vice: My Immigrant dad is voting UKIP

Telegraph: The price that Ed Miliband is prepared to pay to win the muslim vote

Breitbart: Porous border update: Lab & Lib MEPs vote for Brussels to send Britain more refugees

Breitbart: The 319 misbehaving Councillors you won’t have heard about on the BBC

Express: BBC rocked by new bias scandal as two thirds of debate audience are left wing


Breitbart: Students publicly humiliated by school because parents refused permission for mosque visit

EUreka:- Breitbart: Labour MEP’s vote for EU prosecutor to launch criminal investigations in UK


AAD: Dan Hannan: Now the EU wrecks Britain’s art market

Mediaocre:- Metro: Would you be brave enough to drive over Japan’s road-er coaster eshima bridge?

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