UKIP:- Nigel Farage: Rewarding Turkish blackmail is a dangerous game

Telegraph: Nigel Farage: UKIP will wipe out Labour in the north – Just as the SNP did in Scotland

Common Sense:- BBC: Douglas Carswell MP  Grandparents ‘need more of a say’ in adoptions

The Future’s UKIP: Banking union: Single resolution fund on schedule for 1st January 2016

Oldham West & Royton: IBT: Nigel Farage accuses Labour of turning election campaign dirty

Guardian: Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour faces first big election test in Oldham

Express: Tax scandal rocks Labour’s Jim McMahon

The Spectator: Is UKIP on course to win the Oldham West & Royton by-election?

Sun-Nation: Labour candidate brands UKIP supporters ‘rejects’

Bruce-on-Politics: By-Election prediction

Guardian: Oldham by-election: Corbynmania collides with reality: (video)

Breitbart: Exclusive: Resigned Labour official who ‘stifled’ Rotherham rape talks campaigns in party’s by-election campaign

Home Affairs:- Telegraph: Border anti – terror database: ‘Breaks down twice a week’, says official report

Coventry Telegraph: ‘You won’t get my vote again’ Coventry reacts as MPs vote for Syria air strikes

World Affairs:- Mail: Russia issues satellite image ‘proof’ that Turkey is benefiting from ISIS oil trade

AWD News: Putin orders Russian military: Prepare Syria to become “Obama’s graveyard”

Trader-Talent-Today: The USA is fast becoming a third world economy

Immigration Crisis:- Express: French widow evicted from Calais home to make way for new base for Britain-bound migrants

Express: ‘Ringleader’ of smuggling gang bringing 70,000 migrants to UK & EU arrested in Britain

EURef:- Mail: Tusk will tell Cameron ditch migrant benefit curb or delay EU deal

EUreka:- Breitbart: German Muslim group calls for cap on migrant numbers

ZeroHedge: Sweden: “No apartments, no jobs, no shopping without a gun”

City-AM: French unemployment higher than expectations -and above Eurozone average for the first time since 2007

Mediaocre:- Express: Folly: Europe will cease to exist once Turkey comes to dominate EU, blasts Leo McKinstry

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