UKIP:- Talk Carswell:- Passport to Britain

Common Sense:- Telegraph: Britain’s Eurosceptics need Nigel Farage

BBC: The most biased anti-UKIP BBC interview ever with Douglas Carswell

Home Affairs:- Mirror: Britain loses £1.4bn as David Cameron lets tank-building contract go overseas

Guido Fawkes:- Anti-UKIP Burnham v Patriotic ‘purple’ Andy

World Affairs:- CNN: Angola bans Islam, all mosques to be destroyed

Breitbart:- Muslim stewardess refuses to serve alcohol, then plays the victim

EUreka:- Stratfor Intel: Europe rethinks the Schengen agreement

euobserver:- Orban: Migrant crisis is Germany’s problem

Breitbart:- German immigration numbers soar as Angela Merkel’s popularity dips

Speisa:- No limit on migrants to Germany

Express:- Italy, France and Germany call for urgent review on EU migrant rules

Breitbart:- London Editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam tells Sky: We can’t take more refugees at cost to UK public

Telegraph:- Murder of elderly couple in Sicily fuels Italy’s anti-immigrant sentiment

BBC:- European court says minimum alcohol price plan could restrict and distort trade

Mediaocre:- Express: Leo McKinstry: Opening national borders has been an abject failure

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