UKIP:- Express & Star: Council tax rise ‘would see residents pay for authority’s’ mistake says UKIP councillor

Sheffield Star: UKIP councillor and former policeman calls for South Yorkshire senior command team to be disbanded

Common Sense:- Clacton Gazette: “Mass exodus” of Tory party members follow Carswell

New Statesman: How Clacton could be a crucial wartershed in the history of UKIP

GE 2015:- Telegraph: Peter Oborne:  David Cameron can chart a course past Nigel Farage the revolutionary (Editor: Read the comments, 99% of readers do not agree with him, and some have detected elements of deliberate irony in Oborne’s work to keep his job, while very cleverly showing he doesn’t believe it!)

Mediaocre:- BBC: Nuclear power plants to be kept closed until December:(That should put bills up again)

Telegraph: The sanctions fight with Russia could leave Britons hungry

Novinite: Lech Walesa: EU Assistance to Ukraine Could Result in Nuclear War

Express: The EU want to take away our right to a cuppa

Sky: Calais: Migrants caught on video rushing ferry

Yahoo: Boy 9 gives Nick Clegg a lesson on the  free school meal policy

Telegraph: Proposal to increase national insurance for over 40’s suggested to pay for elderly care

Saudi Gazette: Saudi who took his kids to fight with IS ‘chosen for suicide mission’

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