UKIP:- Corbyn hasn’t a clue on ISIS in Iraq says UKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem

Talk-Carswell: The CBI doesn’t lobby for business. It lobbys for lobbyists

Common Sense:- Huff-Post: UKIP peer accused of divisiveness after calling on Muslim leaders to ‘clarify modern meaning of Islam’

Sun-Nation: Douglas Carswell’s on a mission to cheer up the nation

Dudley News: Dudley’s opposition leaders welcome court ruling over mosque land

Keighley News: UKIP Councillor secures defibrillator machines for town

Express: Man who threatened UKIP candidate with beheading spared jail

Migrant Crisis:- ACT: Sweden facing ‘collapse’ because of refugees, foreign minister says

Breitbart: 3 million more migrants by end 2016 predicted by EU autumn economic forecast

AP: Austria sees 231% rise in asylum requests, EU expect 3 million more in 2016

Express:- Germany: Fears as EU migrant crisis fuels biggest rise in Nazism since Adolf Hitler

Home Affairs:- Independent:- MPs could be forced to debate a no confidence vote in David Cameron

Express:- Police come clean, speed cameras are there to make money

BBC: Solent Gateway to run Marchwood Military Port

Express: £45m in foreign aid given to paradise islands that charge no tax

World Affairs:- DC Whispers: Putin prepares to “unleash hell” on ISIS forces after airline bombing attack

The Conversation: Why the Sinai Peninsula is so dangerous-and why the rest of us should care

EURef:- Express: Now Boris Johnson hints he could lead EU out campaign as Cameron faces more party turmoil

The Actuary: Game changer: Time for a swift Brexit

Breitbart: City AM: Don’t be stupid, Michael Froman, the US won’t cut Britain adrift post-Brexit

EUreka:- Mail: France is secretly planning to bring back passport checks on all its borders

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