UKIP:- Nigel Farage: The best bits: 

Common Sense:- Express: Nigel Farage channels Gandhi in his final speech:

Mail: Farage: My head is on the chopping block’

Telegraph: Nigel Farage tells cheering supporters: Vote UKIP to get my country back:

Express: UKIP in line for £2.5 milllion windfall over the next 5 years even If It secures just 1 MP:

Western Daily Press: William Dartmouth: Why UKIP are doing so well:

Gazette Live: Darlington UKIP candidate ‘missed off’ ballot papers:

Express: Undercover Labour supporter infiltrates UKIP rally to ‘monitor’ members:

GE15:- FT View: The compelling case for continuity in Britain:

Guardian: Protest planned to oust Cameron should Tories try to occupy Downing Street:

EUreka:- Express: New EU plan means your licence fee could fund BBC for 500 million Europeans:

Telegraph: Greece: No money left: Will IOU be the next currency: 

EU Observer: EU unveils plans for global investor court:

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