Poll:– TNS BMRB Lab 33(+1) Con30(-3) UKIP 19(+3) LD 8(0) Gn 4(-1)

UKIP:- Nigel Farage speaks in Grimsby 08-04-15

BBC: Gt Grimsby candidate Victoria Ayling refuses to be brow beaten by the BBC


UKIP culture spokesman Peter Whittle speaking at the culture debate

Common Sense:- HITC: Nigel Farage predicts he will win Thanet South seat

Stourbridge News: UKIP candidate claims Labour rival misled Stourbridge voters over birth claim

Banbury Cake: UKIP call in police complaining offensive facebook posts are fake: http://t.co/JDZJET20B9
EUreka:- Telegraph: After 2020 all EU members will have to adopt the euro

Mediaocre:- US Herald: Absurd: Complete ban on using the word ‘pork’ to avoid offending Muslims


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