UKIP: BBC: Nigel Farage on Cameron’s fake renegotiation

Oldham West & Royton:- City-AM: John Bickley: Oldham West & Royton by-election: There could be a massive upset on the way if UKIP has its way

Common Sense:- Express: EU leaders set to unleash new wave of migrants with ‘mad’ plot to woo African nations

Home Affairs:- BBC: Former Para arrested in connection with Bloody Sunday incident

Robin Hood: Prof Patrick Minford schools the idiots in Parliament about the EU & trade

EURef:- Breitbart: Nil Points: Report finds Cameron has little chance of EU reform

Express: David Cameron’s EU reform demands rejected as ‘highly problematic’ within hours of speech

Migrant Crisis:- Mail: German police ‘overwhelmed’ by 10,000 fake Syrian passports

Express: EU U-Turn: Now Germany told to be tougher on migrants and tighten border controls

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