Common Sense:- Breitbart: Farage was right: Foreigners have abused the NHS for years

Express: UKIP demand 12 more ‘peers’ to reflect 4 million general election votes

Home Affairs:- Express: ISIS has ‘four or five’ British Jihadists set to carry out ‘lone-wolf’ attacks in UK

Express: Songs of Praise in Calais is political propaganda

Mirror: Government boasts about economic recovery exposed as top firms profits fall by £2.5 billion

Breitbart: Former government minister admits: BBC is an organ of the political left

Express: Now NHS bosses ‘order health tourism cover-up’ – costing us more than £200m a year

World Affairs:- Express: Turkey under attack as terrorists target police stations and US consulate

Calais Crisis:- Express: Hard-left activists head to Calais to help migrants reach Britain

EURef:- Telegraph: Commonwealth citizens could swing the EU referendum

Eureka:- Express: Hostile moment: Spain’s Guardia Civil ram Royal Gibraltar police craft in BGTW

C4 News: German troops mobilized as EU migrant crisis grows

BSNews: How the German media mislead the public about the Greek crisis

Express: EU are subverting your children in their nappies

Express: Crackdown on EU migrants’ benefits to hit Britons to avoid Brussels’ discrimination laws

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