– Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James calls verdict ‘ominous‘ .
– CommonSense:- Messenger News: Trafford MEP Paul Nuttall  says it’s time to ease smoke ban on pubs as new figures show 31 a week are closing.
– Mail: Pathetic! Milliband’s attempt to engage with grassroots Labour members backfires.

– thecommentator: The ghost of Lisbon:.
– eureporter: Fight against overfishing: European commission announces deductions from 2014 fishing quotas.
– News Thump: UN diverts aid convoys bound for Northern Iraq in a bid to save destitute minister Mark Simmonds MP.
– Mike Smithson: Tories move from 1/16 to 1/5 with Ladbrokes  to retain Boston & Skegness where it has majority of 29%. UKIP now 7/2
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