UKIP:- EU ministers force through refugee quota plan

Common Sense:- Stourbridge News: Dudley Schools to be encouraged to fly Union flag and sing the national anthem

Thanet Gazette: UKIP lose majority on Thanet council as fifth member quits party

Home Affairs:-  BBC: Migrant crisis: Asylum seekers ‘overwhelm’ village

BBC: Labour fiscal charter U-turn sparks backlash

Al Jazeera: UN to probe the UK’s deadly disability cuts

World Affairs:- Breitbart: Christie: Establish no-fly zone in Syria, shoot down Russian jets that enter it

Merco-Press: Gibraltar invited to high level security briefing at Ministry of Defence…London

Conservative Tribune: Muslims demand Texan Mayor surrenders after she attacked Sharia court: Here’s her response

EURef:-  Mail: Peter Oborne: The cynical Yes campaign, one decent man and a nonsensical Euro volte-face

EUReka:- Breitbart: German migrants sue asylum centre for not giving them money fast enough

The New Observer: 335 attacks in 238 days on non white invader centres in Germany, reports police

The Politistick: Refugees in Italy protest at being fed pasta instead of the food of their homeland

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