Immigration Crisis:- Express: 400 ISIS killers with hatred of west among 20,000 refugees heading for Britain

Telegraph: 370,000 migrants on benefits

Express: Hungary splits migrant children from parents as it declares state of emergency

Home Affairs:- Express: Labour face split over EU referendum as Chuka Umunna  says Jeremy Corbyn backs leaving EU

Mirror: Russia expertly trolls David Cameron over Jeremy Corbyn ‘security threat’ message

Greenpeace: Fossil fuels industries abroad given £1.7bn financial backing by UK agency

Express: Now Jeremy Corbyn puts a vegan ‘who wants to eradicate farms’ in charge of farms

Bow-Group: The death of third way politics: New Labour – defeated only by old Labour

World Affairs:- Sky News: Russia positions tanks at Syrian airfield

EUreka:- ITV: Merkel calls for EU summit to sort out the refugee mess she created

Mediaocre:- GQ: Why I’ve become Tory scum

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