UKIP:- Say No to EU Tour: Basingstoke: 16-11-15 (Nigel’s speech starts at 14.50 minutes)

Common Sense:- C4 News: Nigel Farage: Open door policy to terrorism is utter madness

BBC Daily Politics: UKIP’s  Peter Whittle on Nigel Farage’s speech and Islamic attacks

Boston Standard: It has been confirmed Boston’s UKIP group have reunited

Oldham West:- Manchester Evening News: UKIP exploit Labour’s pain in Oldham West

The Spectator: Labour in a spot of bother in Oldham West by-election

Migrant Mess:- Breitbart: Watch: Anti-migrant video goes viral across Europe

Home Affairs:- Express: Fury as Jeremy Corbyn opposes ‘shoot to kill’ against terrorists on UK streets

Breitbart: UK Home Secretary: Paris attacks ‘have nothing to do with Islam’

EURef:- Leave.EU Watch our media event tomorrow Wednesday 18-11-2015 @ 11am

Euro-Guido: Yet more pro-EU sock puppets funded by Brussels

EUreka:- Breitbart: Merkel doubles down: ‘Time is running out to return hope to the millions of refugees’

Politico: EU could break up ‘within months,’ says Asselborn

Mediaocre:- Sun-Nation: Are the Paris killings the last straw for US & Europe? asks Trevor Kavanagh

Washington Examiner: Dan Hannan:  Oligarchy, caste and slavery were the common lot of our species. Then a miracle happened

BBC: Never let it be said that a shower kept a Yorkshireman from his pint

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