UKIP:- Culture spokesman Peter Whittle declares The Union flag is about unity

Common Sense:- Express: BBC presenter forced to apologize after branding UKIP a ‘far-right’ party

Express & Star: Combined authority will break up NHS says Councilor Bill Etheridge, MEP

Calais Crisis:- BBC: The Britons in the ‘Jungle’

Home Affairs:- Independent: BBC among broadcasters who repeatedly breach Ofcom code over propaganda content

Express: Islamic State plot ‘Lee Rigby-style’ attacks at RAF bases after hacking staff details

The Spectator: Muslims in the UK are attacking mosques: Does that make them Islamaphobic?

Breitbart: Exclusive: ‘Draw Mohammed’ UK exhibition cancelled after security service pressure

World Affairs:- Occidental Dissent: Should white Americans prepare for race war”?

EUreka:- Knights Templar International: ” Brutal and ruthless” immigrant gangs on the rise in Germany

Reuters: Tsipras dominates Greek politics despite crises and U-turn

Telegraph: Greek government on Its ‘last legs’ while Angela Merkel faces growing rebellion in Berlin:


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