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UKIP-Daily: The lies and delusions of 1975.

Epsom Guardian: Former RA Councillor selected as UKIP candidate for Epsom & Ewell.

Common Sense:-

Gloucestershire Echo: Nigel Farage wades in to boutique hotel planning row.

Pendle Today: Paul Nuttall says, Spend money on day care, not fat cat salaries.

The Debrief: What makes a 19-year-old student nurse join UKIP.
General Election 2015:-

Tory shoe leather in mass exodus from constituency associations.

Mirror: Murderer enjoys birthday Kebab & cake in his cell then posts pictures on facebook for all to see.


thecommentator: Killing the EU “3 million jobs” whopper for good.

Breitbart: EU blows £100m of taxpayers money to keep food prices high.


Islamic State vows to ‘erase US from the map‘.

Sky: Malaysian police foil Islamic State style plot.

JewsNews: Jordanian Shiekh says ‘There is no “Palestine” in the Koran. Allah gave Israel to the Jews‘.

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