UKIP:- Strasbourg Parliament: Brexit vote about the safety and security of British women: says Nigel Farage

Talk-Carswell: Want immigration equality? Vote Leave

Migrant Crisis:- Truth & Action: Gun sales soar in Germany: “We are no longer safe in our own country without a weapon”

euobserver: Greece gets 31,000 migrants since January 1st

Home-Affairs: Breitbart: Muslim MP invited Trump to visit Bradford, where Muslims beat Christian converts, and just two days after a British soldier is found beaten, bloodied on the streets

Express: UK spends £500,000 on 1st aid kits for Ukraine

Express: France declares ‘state of economic emergency’

World-Affairs:- The Conversation: How Iran’s hardliners still threaten the nuclear deal

EURef:- Breitbart: Clutching at straws: The pro-EU campaign are already showing how desperate they are

The Sun: David Cameron accused of abandoning cabinet over EU renegotiation

EUreka:- Bloomberg: Wilders says EU is finished as he leads Dutch polls

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