Common Sense:- Express: Nigel Farage: I’ll work with ‘absolutely anyone’ in order to free Britain from EU

Guardian:- Nigel Farage: I don’t want to lead EU No campaign

Express (Jun15):- UKIP could gain surge of support over ‘unfair’ EU referendum campaign

Telegraph:- Jeremy Corbyn will push Labour voters into the arms of Nigel Farage

Home Affairs:- Express: British troops ‘should be stationed in Eastern Europe to combat Putin threat’

Express:- Thieving free-for-all? Police warn they won’t respond to shoplifting if cuts worsen

EURef:- BBC: EU Referendum: Watchdog urges changes to question

Express:- Dithering David Cameron ‘waters down European Union demands’ ahead of referendum

Telegraph (Jun-15):- Enoch Powell & Tony Benn were right on the EU – It was a great deception

EUreka:- Express: Europe breaking up? EU could scrap free movement in wake of migrant crisis

Express:- Hungary near breaking point: Budapest station shut as 1000 migrants try to board trains to the west

Express:- EU votes to slap its flag on Britain’s team shirts

Gatestone-Institute:- Mass immigration and the undoing  of Europe

Mediaocre:- Express:- Leo McKinstry: Foreign policy has to serve Britain’s national interests

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