Allow the creation of new tax-payer funded grammar schools

EU is not Europe! Deliberate Media Bias

UKIP:- Today’s announcement confirms our worst fears and could be the end of steel production in Scotland: says David Coburn MEP

Common Sense:- Express: Nigel Farage slams BBC for ‘dishonest’ EU referendum coverage

Home Affairs:- Express: Crazed David Cameron will force returning Jihadi’s back to school in ‘soft in the head’ plans

World Affairs:- euobserver: Historic win for Swiss anti-immigration, anti-EU party

Hurriyet Daily News: ISIL child training camp discovered in Istanbul

Telegraph: Russia posts Syria attack drone footage amid propaganda drive

Financial Post: Paris’ scary climate agenda

EURef:- openDemocracyUK John Mills: Britain will vote for Brexit, because the EU cannot give us the Europe that we want

Telegraph: Roger Bootle: Staying in an unreformed EU is a major gamble

EUreka:- Breitbart: 3 Billion not enough, says Turkey- and they won’t stop migrants going to Europe either way

Telegraph: German MP’s ‘drawing up plans’ to close borders in challenge to Merkel’s refugee policy

Mediaocre:- Joe-for-America: Greatest hoax of the 21st century, 98% of scientists do not believe in man-made global warming

Metro: If you’re old, ugly, or poor, avoid Chester

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