Home Affairs:- Mirror: £20 billion more Tory cuts will be announced in November

Breitbart: Rule Change: Muslims can now pay benefits for multiple wives: (However the hard working tax paying parents will not get child benefit for their multiple child family)

CITY AM:  The blockchain won’t just change banking – It could help you buy your house

Mail: Met police now demands that anyone wanting to join as a beat bobby has to be bilingual in one of 14 languages

Spiked: Green energy policies are costing us the future

Mail: Richard Littlejohn: asks call the midwife? No, call immigration as illegal immigrant gives birth at Marble Arch in broad daylight

Channel9: Spies, Lords and predators

EURef:- Better Off Out: July edition of Brexit magazine

Telegraph: Immigrants more likely to claim benefits, be jobless or on low wages, says report

Eureka:- Mail: ‘The French border is in Dover‘: Former French minister says migrants should be told they’ll become ‘clandestine cheap labour for English employers’

thecommentator: The changing face of immigrant Europe

Sputnik: ‘Finnxit’? Eurozone exit iniative moving towards Finnish parliament

Mediaocre:- Christian-Today: Turkish President is an ISIS ‘collaborator,’ after suicide bomber kills 30

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