Common Sense:- Independent: TTIP is a corporatist scam and not a real free trade deal, says UKIP’s Douglas Carswell: 

eureporter: Jane Collins MEP & Tim Aker MEP condemn Conservative MEP’s for moving a motion that all UK job vacancies be advertised EU wide:

EURef:- CAPX: Dan Hannan MEP: How eurosceptics can hold David Cameron’s feet to the fire: 

EUreka:- Telegraph: Brussels tells British mothers get back to work: then we’ll be able to mold you children in your image: 

Greek Reporter: Cabinet members and Syriza MP’s react against the new Greek proposal: 

Telegraph: Alistair Heath: For everybody’s sake, It Is time for the EU to set Greece’s economy free:

euobserver: British nationals among Calais migrant smugglers:

euobserver: Business group calls for better UK deal or ‘Brexit’ 

Mediaocre:- ExpressRevealed: How every British household would be £1000 better off If we leave the EU:

BBC: Lord Janner ‘abused children in Parliament’, claims MP:

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