Common Sense: Economic Voice: UKIP response to government plans to jail illegally-working immigrants

Independent: Labour leadership contest: New party leader to be warned UKIP could prevent 2020 election win

Home Affairs:- Mail: If Jeremy Corbyn is elected, only one in five voters will back Labour…and Andy Burnham doesn’t fair any better

World Affairs:- Express: Boko Haram sends terrorists to help ISIS take Libya…As map shows horrifying plan for world

EURef:- Breitbart: The battle for the EU Referendum: ‘NO’ Campaign hots-up

Express: No campaign strengthens as eight cabinet members and 1,000 business heads call to leave EU

EUreka:- Mail: Mr. Juncker says EU open borders “Greatest achievement” I wonder what failure looks like

Mediaocre:- Express: Radical Islamic preacher’s details appear on leaked list of adultery Website’s users

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