UKIP:- Telegraph: What was it about Nigel Farage’s neck piece that created so much press copy

Huff-Post: Steven Woolfe MEP: Would the NHS really collapse?

Nottingham Post: Roger Helmer MEP: UKIP taking votes from Labour and Tories equally

Common Sense:- City AM: Is there about to be a defection in Sherwood? 

Evening Post: 82% of Evening post readers say they would vote for a UKIP MP in South West Wales:

Penarth Times: UKIP to open campaign shop in Penarth

Times: Working class prefer UKIP to Labour’ poll finds

Mail: UKIP beating Labour to the white working class vote

GE2015:- Telegraph: Conservative MP’s who could win as UKIP

Con-Home: To fight the populists of left & right, ‘listen less & govern more

Mail: Tax credits ‘turned UK into a honey pot for EU migrants’: Worker on minimum wage could recieve £330 a week

Mediaocre:- The Spectator: For some left wing men, the misogyny of the Islamic State is part of the appeal

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