UKIP:- Mirror: Will Nigel make the cut in the South Thanet hustings tonight

Jane Collins MEP & PPC for Rotherham comments on Rotherham child sexual exploitation report

ISIS: We must have confidence in ourselves if we are to win: says Peter Whittle UKIP Culture Spokesman

EU vacuum ban leaves house proud Brits unsure whether they should suck or blow: Louise Bours MEP Health Spokesman

Breitbart: Humourless twitter leftists side with the Taliban to criticise UKIP: ‘Deputy Chairman’ Susanne Evans responds

Common Sense:- Guardian: UKIP is about to dominate party conference season

Sky: Supposedly a list of UKIP’s most wanted seats

GE2015:- Boris announces his intention to stand for Uxbridge & Sth Ruislip

EUreka:- Guardian: George Monbiot This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy

thecommontator: Retired Eurocrats get their snouts in the trough

Mediaocre:- Wales News: Cardiff surrounded by a ring of steel for NATO conference

Breitbart: Labour MP: British Muslims are doing ‘humanitarian work’ in Iraq/Syria, joining ISiS no different to joining Israeli army

Telegraph: Car tax discs end in six weeks but half the country has no idea

Express: Outrage as French President Hollande blames Britain for rise in IS Jihadists

Telegraph: Norfolk fishermen left feeling decidedly crabby after ‘Ding Dong’ with wind energy firm

Times of India: ISIS Jihadists order female genital mutilation (FGM) of all women in Iraq aged 11-46

Express: Islamic State extremists coming to British streets

Telegraph: Experimental US hypersonic weapon destroyed seconds after launch

Breitbart: An Independent Scotland? Please, God let it happen!


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