Common Sense:- Guardian: UKIP show other parties how facebook engagement is done

Columnist: Why UKIP & the Greens are both huge problems for the Labour party

EUreka:- Parliament magazine: EU ‘grand theft’ of aid budget

The Globe & Mail: Germany to reject EU-Canada trade deal

RT: UN report on Ukraine distorts facts to justify punitive operation.

Editor’s Note: Caution! Russia Today’s reporting could be just as biased (in the opposite direction) as that of our own media!

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: David Cameron announces yet another faux immigration crackdown

The Spectator: David Cameron’s immigration policy is vacuous and cynical posturing

PR WEEK: Ed Miliband’s “substance not image” speech met with negative reaction

Global-Research: Deleted BBC report. “Ukranian fighter jet shot down MH17”, Donetsk eyewitness

Huff-Post: Hysterical obsessing about Europe & immigration will cost the Tories says Ken Clarke

ITV: Speed limits for HGV’s to increase

New Statesman: Lord Mayor & MP would make him 2 salaries Boris

And 2 bicycles as well?

Telegraph: Ed Miliband’s policies are a ‘steaming pile of fudge’, says Brown aide McBride

Guardian: Sheffield students aim to kick Clegg out of power

Telegraph: Diesel drivers to be penalised in drive to cut air pollution

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