UKIP:- Mike Hookem MEP: UKIP the only party who will aim to reach the 2% NATO commitment

Newsnight 02-03-15 feature on Young Independence

Common Sense:- Mail: I wouldn’t be a good Prime Minister…Farage

FLW: Court allows appeal by UKIP PPC and discharges PSO preventing children being involved in political campaigning

Eastleigh News: UKIP launch election campaign in town centre

GE15:- Bruges Group: Who are the best & worst MP’s

Mail: Prove you’re not a criminal to live in the UK

Mail: Foreign aid budget to outstrip defence by 2031

Labour proposes online voting trial if they win the election

ATIS: Tory government and BBC to introduce new TV poll tax

EUreka:- RINF: Handing the thieves the key to your home: Stop the TTIP

Mail: James Delingpole: Why the EU’s plan to ban halogen lightbulbs should make you blow a fuse

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