UKIP:- YouGov polling shows UKIP on the up

Tunnel walker asylum win is a threat to national security: says Mike Hookem MEP

Louise Bours MEP says banning political parties from having an all-male leadership is patronising & damaging to the cause for equal rights for women

RobinHoodUKIP: Daily Politics: Featuring Douglas Carswell MP talking about the EU referendum & the leadership of UKIP

Common-Sense:- Express: We need to be gutsy! Farage calls for Britain to cut Saudi ties after mass executions

Breitbart: When is the lefty media going to apologise for laughing at the attempt on Nigel Farage’s life?

Guardian: Farage’s car was not among those recalled, says Volvo

Migrant-Crisis:- Express: German police hunt 1,000 strong Arab North-African gang responsible for frenzied mass sex assaults

Home-Affairs:- Mail: MOD pays Iraqi agent £40,000 a year to gather evidence against our soldiers

World-Affairs:- RT: Nato’s European honeymoon on the rocks

BETA-Minds: Anti-terrorist hacker group reveals 40 ISIS websites protected by US tech firm

EURef:- BBC: Ministers ‘free to campaign for both sides on EU vote’

CITY A.M. EU referendum: Six more conservative MP’s say they’re backing Brexit as Nigel Farage, Peter Bone, Tom Pursglove and Kate Hoey launch new cross-party “Leave” campaign

thecommentator: James Cleverly MP calls for Britain to leave the EU

BBC: EU Referendum: Business support for membership falls, say survey

EUreka:- Mirror: Denmark follows Sweden and Norway in imposing their own border controls in bid to restrict arrival of migrants

Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Our spoiled, emasculated, de-spiritualised societies in the west are in terminal decline

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